Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Weeks After AB

So, business wasn't exactly booming at my first full weekend con in 7 years. Lots of things have changed since Otakon 2003, including that people really seem to not want to flip through portfolios if they can. That really hurt sale, 'cause if my stuff wasn't at a page that interested people, they weren't looking. Lesson learned. I gotta get a display rig and drive myself next time (the bus sucked and everything I had was rather heavy). Dan Howard actually gave me his display rig, but it hit Minji Kim when I hugged her good-bye and kept hitting me when I was walking out of the con. It went right in the trash as soon as we were out of the Hynes. Anyhow, I now have prints I need to sell online. I can't ship until Monday, since I'll be visiting the folks and the new beau for the weekend and not bringing the stuff to be shipped out, but here's what I got (and I'm willing to reprint in the case it sells out). Feel free to drop be a line, via comments on here, Livejournal or email me (it's on the side bar in my profile).I was so sad to see that no one was buying this one, seeing as how much work I put into it. This was done in watercolor from the digital sketches I posted earlier. I have ten prints already on hand, 5.5"x7.5", for $10 a piece, plus shipping.
From the same series as the above. I sold one of these. Four prints on hand, 5.5x7.5, $10+ shipping.

This is the final ad mock-up of the same painting I posted before. Five prints on hand, printed on 8.5"x11" cardstock. They can be trimmed down to about 4.5"x8" upon request. $10+shipping.

The following are unedited from previous posts, so if you've already read my blog, you've already seen these.
England from Hetalia as a punk. Three on hand at 7"x6.5", $10 + shipping. Since this piece is digital, it also scales up well, so if you'd like a larger print, let me know and we'll negotiate a price.

A scene from the original novel of Howl's Moving Castle, done in ink and watercolor. Five prints on hand, 8.5"x11", $12+shipping. This actually can scale decently to a larger piece, with prices up to negotiation.

Midsummer Night's Dream poster, done in watercolor. Five on hand, 11"x17 matte print on bond paper, $15+shipping.

Poster of a Zipper cover mock-up. Five on hand, 8.5"x 11" for $12+shipping. Can be scaled up for negotiated price.

Virgo poster. I have two sizes of this: 8.5"x11" for $12 and shipping, or 11"x17" for $15+shipping, five on hand in each size. I can scale it higher for a negotiated price.

Gargoyle and fairy, watercolor. Five on hand at 8.5"x11", $12+shipping.

This is actually going to be discounted, since I have since improved the image as below. There are five on hand of this print on 11"x17", at $12 plus shipping. Original price was $15+shipping.

I have yet to make prints of the updated version, but it will be the same as the original price of the first printing in the same proportions, and $20 + shipping for a 20.5"x20.75" print.

And now for a couple more risque images:

This is a humor piece, meant to be a hentai-themed cereal mascot that parodies Princess Peach. I call her the Panty-shot Princess. I have three prints of this on hand at 8.5"x11", and since it's black and white lines only, it's only $5+shipping.

Oh look! Kink! Yeah, I'm only putting up the censored version of this image up for preview, but the actual prints will be uncensored. If you couldn't tell, this is Hetalia's America being dominated by the female version of England (lovingly nicknamed "Igiko" by the fanbase). I have five copies on hand of two different versions: one in full color, and another where Igiko is in black and white. Both are 8.5"x11" for $12+shipping.

So, that's all of what I have prints on hand for. If there's anything else in this blog that you'd like a print of, feel free to ask if I can sell a print of it. I also do commissions, which was the bulk of the business I did get at the con. Originals aren't for sale just yet, but they maybe soon.

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