Monday, January 31, 2011

The Crazy Voice of My Other Blog Speaks

Also, it's just easier to talk as I do on there here.

So, being the JGL fan I am and also enamored of the idea of (though I have yet to muster the guts to submit anything on there), I decided to follow Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his Twitter. There's a lot of great stuff he retweets. And some creepy things.

Like this:

Now, it's totally clear how this happened. The pic, if you didn't check the link, is all the 2010 covers of Vogue in all it's global editions. The blurred figure is a simple product of preferred model placement and simplicity of poses, and a lot of the linear blurs are from the shifts in type placement.

Knowing how this happens doesn't make it less creepy.

Being an artist actually makes it a little creepier, actually.

As a visual artist, I'm trained to look at something in real life and break it down into simple shapes. I'm also trained to look at simple shapes and figure out their potential and see how I can build on them.

Looking at that Vogue picture got me... well...

There's something wrong with my head. That, or I really miss anatomy classes.

At least I don't think I'm the only one that sees it? I was talking to my friend Ria (her blog can be read here), and apparently she was able to follow me on this. I like to think that my own friends can tell me flat out when they just think I'm crazy and seeing things.

(Ria's in the yellow smears. Red smears are me.)

In all honesty, though, it's kinda cool that I saw skulls through out the image. It makes me remember my roots and honestly, this simple reblogged image has inspired me to work a little more experimentally, while I've been in a fat creative funk. I'm hoping good things come out of this. I sincerely do want to work with the cover composite and build it into something beautiful.

Also, anyone with experience with/understanding of psychology, even if it was only a college class or two: feel free to analyze me on those two drawings. I love getting analyzed, as long as I'm sober.

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