Friday, April 15, 2011

Late Night Doodles

Just fooling around rather than sleeping. I really have no clue how Arnold and Helga sneaked in there. I was going to draw Panty, and then she ended up puckering way too much and before I knew it, my favorite non-anime cartoon couple ended up in the corner. (I know they never were in the show, really, but they were supposed to end up together after another season and movie before it got canceled. Helga was going to get a teen spin off, too, but that never took.)

The rest is a self portrait and the two things I'm looking forward to the most this year in terms of long running fandom: the last installment of the Harry Potter series as movies and the re-release of the Sailor Moon manga. The chibi of Sailor Moon and Luna are going to get cleaned up, colored and go on a bookmark for AB, btw. If I didn't have grand plans for it that aren't likely going to be done on time for AB, the Princess Serenity sketch would get the same treatment and be set up for the con too. Well... ok, we'll see. Other things take first priority.

Harry... also was kind of a surprise. I was looking at images of Dick Grayson, had his hair style on the brain and last minute he turned into 17-year old Harry Potter with a cut on his face and the locket horcrux. Ginny is my favorite side character in the series, so I started drawing her, too. Did anyone else notice that Harry was having erotic dreams about her in Half-Blood Prince (the book, obviously; that movie was atrocious)? I haven't read the books in a while, but I remember Harry thinking something in the lines of him being glad that Ron wasn't aware of his attention towards Ginny or of certain embarrassing dreams at night. Poor horny Harry. Even wizarding chosen ones get hit hard by their hormones.

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