Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Fashion Drawing Classwork

So, at least I have my stuff for my fashion illustration done. I just need to have one of the pieces mounted. Here's what's what:

Postcard design from the front...

And the back.

I know neither is fashion illustration, really, but he said it didn't have to be. It needs to just be representative of what we do as illustrators. So I decided to spot older work and to do a cleaner, colored version of that drawing of Montmartre in Paris with the balloons. Also, logo update

And we also had to do a piece on Carnivale in Rio de Janeiro. Not my cup of tea usually since I don't really like showgirl-like costumes (says the burlesque fan), but it was honestly fun to work on.
Some in-class drawings were also submitted, but unfortunately I don't have scans/photos of them yet. They're more ink and watercolor washes on brown craft paper, though. It's like the most unprofessional paper to work on next to newsprint, but honestly, I love working on it and I get ver positive reactions from them. Apparently they have a "nice quality".

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