Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm starting to hit that block in my life again. Not just a "I don't feel inspired" block. Actually, that's not at all the problem. I'm feeling so lost with school and my life that it's like I can't do what I want anymore, 'cause it always gets pushed aside by my distractions, which are put in place by the fact that all my time is otherwise dedicated on education that I have no faith or interest in anymore.

I have all of one class that actually challenges me more than my budgeting skills. One. That's pretty pathetic.

I desperately want to take a break from school; at the very least go part time and figure out things between personal and school projects more evenly. I'm not really getting that option from my folks, though. It's either stay and be miserable or drop out and face that stigma with my family forever (or until I'm ready to go back to school, as I keep telling them I'll eventually do).

I really should have just saved up and moved out when I had the chance.

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