Thursday, March 4, 2010

Business Cards

Yeah, that's right: I have a logo. This is mostly what's going to be on the back of my business cards. I have this, the banner, and the following images on the front of them.

This is the wedding dress I want to wear when I actually nab some guy to be my handbag. ...Ok, kidding. I do want to get married, though, which is interesting seeing as how I don't believe in marriage as a legal institution.

In case you couldn't tell, this is actually class work. I'm currently attending a fashion and design school as an illustration major, so this is from Drawing the Fashion Figure 4. Yup, that's the class title. My teacher was rather impressed with the tablet, which is apparently totally new tech for him. This surprises me, since he's on of the younger teachers I have.

This was also for a class, where we had to do fashion spot illustrations for the zodiac. This is Cancer. I did a few others, all of them "hair stories", but I liked how this came out most. It also doesn't hurt that it's my sign.

So yeah, I finally decided to order my business cards. Let's hope they get here without too much issue. There already is one problem, 'cause I'm stupid and forgot to add my dorm room number on the delivery address. Hopefully, I can still get it from the package center if I ask them for it when it should arrive...which is the 12th. Awesome, I'll get them in about a week!

If you're wondering what a good company for business cards is, I recommend Moo cards. They have 3.5x2 inch cards, really cute mini cards, postcards (though those, I'd personally get done via, and if you have no personal designs, they have a lot of their own, free of cheesiness, depending on your tastes. The mini cards are really good if you just want to hand out contact cards as meet ups and cons, too. I went with the standard, though, since I had a design for the business side with my logo and wanted the other side to be purely art.

Now if only I knew a good printing service for the big stuff aside from my school's and Kinkos... Say Office Max/Staples and I'll gag. No offense to them. I just have bad memories from my shortest part time job there.

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