Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yeah, I finally got my Google info again, so I can work on this blog! \o/

So, having realized that AB is a month from now, I'm working hard on getting my prints done this month. My grades will likely slip, but honestly? I'd rather my grades slip and have to make them up with summer school than to miss out on selling art and getting my name more out there.

So, here are some of what I've been working on lately.

Alright, I admit it: I'm a Hetalia fan, especially for England. (Though, honestly, I was always an anglophile.) I know it's like the new Naruto for screaming yaoi fangirls, but honestly? I love it. Plus, I made a lot of friends through it, including Minji and DG who will be sitting next to me in the Artists' Alley come April 2nd. This idea came up when I was roleplaying England with Seychelles-mun from Nation Ask going on a date on Valentine's Day. The girl really likes fish and getting back at England for putting her in embarrassing situations. ;; Really, I can't wait to get to coloring this. Even though I don't eat the stuff, I love painting sushi.

This is really a first for me. I've been drawing lolita stuff for as long as I've been into the fashion, but I've never drawn or colored in this manner. It's a very heavy process and I'm kicking myself for doing this the way I am. Still, this is my dream dress concept, so I'll be so satisfied when I'm done if I do this right. The background is really bold, too. I just reduced the opacity so I can see the sketch as I lay out the flat colors.

I have to say, though: textile design is a pain in the ass. I really respect the people in my school that major in it a whole lot more, now. I personally don't think that, as a working fabric print, the work I did for the skirt is as good as it could be. As a graphic element, though, it works very well.

See? Pain in the ass. I want to work on it again later, so that I can put it through Spoonflower and try to make it. Or commission someone to make it. My sewing skills are only so-so, for full garments.

Oh, and you've probably noticed that the fabric design is also the background on the banner. The banner proved to be a really good exercise for me to do for the finished piece on the full Arabian Nights jumperskirt concept.

There it is without text. I'm a rather vain person, plus I want people to easily recognize me when they pass by the table, so I drew myself poking a Pinky:St-based doll...that is also me. I'm considering using it for a Moo/contact card.

Oh, and I'm doing shiny business cards with old art , too. I've apparently run out of space to post pictures with, though. ON TO A SECOND PART.

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  1. Oh my, is that an Arabian styled Lolita print? That's always been a dream of mine too!