Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Class Progress: Midterms of Spring '10

I finished my postcard assignment for Drawing the Fashion Figure at the cost of sleep, hydration and feeling well enough to even go to Drawing the Fashion Figure. Thank you NoDoz. One coffee's worth of caffeine my ass. I can drink three cups of espresso and not feel like death. I think I'll just buy Rockstar coffee next time. It hated my stomach less.

After this, we have to do a piece on the fashion of a decade in history, which is due next week. I'm doing it traditional media, which is a thousand times faster. I just need a model to use, or reference. Or I can mostly make it up, but knowing my teacher, I should use a reference.

My Fashion Interpretation professor actually gave an extension to me and another girl, but at the same time decided that we should all do another project by this Friday as well. A similarly large project that was originally not supposed to be due until mid April. Apparently, he wants us to drop dead from exhaustion before we can go and enjoy our Spring break.

Here's the progress on the Virgo poster, though. I'll have it done by tomorrow, though it doesn't look like that much progress right now. Trust me, it's going faster. I just got distracted by the reminder of the other projects I need to finish.

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