Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting Back to Business

Ah, finally getting to work on AB stuff again. I still have the other pieces from previous entries to finish, but taking a pause from those, I wanted to do some smaller watercolor pieces relating to lolita using this idea generator. Ironically, for a traditional piece, I'm doing the sketches digitally.

Teacup Canary Stockings. I'm obviously going more with "canary yellow" than the birds. Mostly 'cause I felt like the canary in this was a little too random. If I did a composition where she was regular sized, it would be easier, but I didn't want to get too flighty looking here. Pun not intended.

Plaid Bear Blouse. The blouse is what's going to be plaid here.Rococo frill straw hat. Not as loli as the others 'cause I wanted it to be genuinely Rococo, but I'm trying to keep that light-yet-cartoony feel.

Pastry Sleeping Beauty fan. I didn't draw in the fan part yet and I seriously need to work on the legs, but it's thus far my favorite, at least conceptually.

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